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The Sisters Sweet, a novel, Elizabeth Weiss

The Sisters Sweet, a novel, Elizabeth Weiss
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The Sisters Sweet
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Elizabeth Weiss
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a novel
"All Harriet Szász has ever known is life onstage with her twin sister, Josie. As "The Sisters Sweet," they pose as conjoined twins in a vaudeville act conceived of by their ambitious father and managed by their practical mother, who were once theatrical stars in their own rights. Then, in an explosive act, Josie exposes the fraud in a spectacular fashion and runs away to Hollywood. The family retreats to Chicago, where Harriet must figure out how to live out of the spotlight--and her sister's shadow. Striving to keep her struggling family afloat, Harriet molds herself into the perfect daughter. But she also begins to form her first relationships outside her family. As Josie's star rises and as the Szászes fall on hard times, Harriet must decide whether to honor her mother, her father, or the self she's only beginning to get to know. Full of long-simmering tensions, buried secrets, questionable saviors, and broken promises, this is ultimately a story about how we are beholden to others and what we owe ourselves, and heralds the arrival of an accomplished new voice in fiction"--, Provided by publisher
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