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Savage liberty, a mystery of revolutionary America, Eliot Pattison

Savage liberty, a mystery of revolutionary America, Eliot Pattison
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Main title
Savage liberty
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Responsibility statement
Eliot Pattison
Series statement
Bone rattler, 5
Sub title
a mystery of revolutionary America
"When a ship arriving from London explodes in Boston Harbor, both the peace of the colonial city and Duncan McCallum's life are shattered ... Duncan discovers that the ship was deliberately sabotaged, apparently to cover the theft by French agents provocateurs of a secret document being carried to the Sons of Liberty ... Fearing that the intrigues of [John] Hancock and the Sons might set the colonies ablaze, Duncan relentlessly pursues the truth, only to be falsely charged with treason and murder. To escape the hangman's noose and restore his honor, Duncan has no choice but to follow a northbound trail of violence and deception ... With the help of unexpected new friends ... he survives scalp hunters, imprisonment, and his own spiritual crisis, only to realize he cannot resolve the terrible crimes until he first understands the emerging truths about freedom in the American colonies"--Book jacket flap
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